“The Man of Passion” By Abid Nadeem

Raja Muhammad Yaqoob, CEO of Hassan & Hussain Enterprises graduated from Islamabad, the pioneer has a great history of hard work and struggle. During his early life he loaded trucks at a stone crusher at night and used to go to college in the morning. He started his professional career as an office boy and rose to the position of a Cargo Officer in Aero Asia International Airlines.

In April 2000, he took a bold step and started his own business with the name of “Hassan & Hussain Enterprises” with very little investment and equipment. His whole office was a small FX car, a laptop and a few tools in the car boot. Initially he started providing services like carpet and sofa shampooing, water tanks cleaning etc. Looking at his passion, dedication and honesty, his customers started demanding additional services like paint, polish, plumbing, wooden work etc.; which motivated him to hire professionals of different fields. From that time onwards he never looked back, worked day and night and resolved to establish a company based on passion to grow; acquired skills and knowledge; and developed a team of professionals. This initiative resulted in benefiting many happy clients from 2000 who kept increasing to present strength.

I met Yaqoob as he had completed his F.A exams with his experience of loading trucks. The first time I shook hands with him, I was shocked as I had never shaken hands with someone with such strong/hard hands. These hands had blistered several times without getting any time to heal. I continued to watch him grow as a Sales Executive and as a Businessman. Last year when he drove into my house in his Pajero car, sitting on the back seat – I had blurry eyes. The journey continues as I expect him to continue his growth, services and reach the standards that I have dreamt about. I have been his employer, mentor and a companion.



Writer Mr. Abid Nadeem Qaisrani has 38 years of experience with multinational organizations like ICI, Occidental Petroleum Inc. and Mobilink etc. Currently he is serving numerous organizations as a consultant and a professional trainer.