Glass Work

Welcome to Hassan & Hussain Enterprises, where quality craftsmanship meets unparalleled creativity. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of exceptional glass work services, including Beveled Mirrors, Table Tops, Shower Cabins, Partitions and Window Panes. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we are dedicated to transforming spaces into breathtaking works of art.

Beveled Mirrors:

Elevate your interiors with our exquisite beveled mirrors, meticulously crafted to add elegance and sophistication to any room. Our skilled artisans create bespoke designs, incorporating intricate beveling techniques that enhance the mirror’s visual appeal. Whether you’re looking to adorn your home, office, or retail space, our beveled mirrors will reflect your unique style and leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them.

Table Tops:

Enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your furniture with our stunning glass table tops. From sleek and modern designs to intricate patterns, we offer a wide range of customization options to suit your specific needs. Our expert team ensures precise measurements and flawless installations, providing you with durable and beautiful table tops that will become the centerpiece of any room.

Shower Cabins:

Step into a world of luxury and tranquility with our custom-designed shower cabins. We understand the importance of creating a space where you can unwind and rejuvenate, which is why we offer tailor-made shower cabins that combine functionality, style and durability. Immerse yourself in a shower experience like no other as our expert craftsmen bring your vision to life, using high-quality glass and fixtures that exude elegance and create a serene ambiance.


Transform your space while maintaining a sense of openness with our elegant glass partitions. Whether you desire a contemporary office layout or a modern residential setting, our partition solutions offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to design partitions that optimize natural light, create privacy and add a touch of sophistication to your environment.

Window Panes:

Let natural light flood your space and create a seamless connection with the outdoors through our stunning glass window panes. At Hassan & Hussain Enterprises, we specialize in providing high-quality, energy-efficient window panes that enhance the aesthetics of your property while maximizing insulation and reducing noise. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your windows are not only beautiful but also offer exceptional performance.

At Hassan & Hussain Enterprises, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Our skilled craftsmen, attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice for all your glass work needs. Experience the artistry of glass with us and let us elevate your spaces to new heights of elegance and style.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the limitless possibilities of glass with Hassan & Hussain Enterprises.