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Cons of hiring unprofessinal contractor for kitchen renovation


Our kitchen is unquestionably the center of our house. Therefore, you will naturally be seeking for the best contractor to execute this job when it comes to kitchen renovation. We’ve made things easier for you by breaking down all the information you need to know before hiring a contractor in our extensive list of drawbacks.

Only a professional and experienced contractor can meet your expectations as far as quality, reliability, durability, aesthetics and a timely deliver are concerned. It is also necessary that your contractor should be equipped with the required knowledge of his profession, modern trends and to meet your specific requirements.

A kitchen renovation is a large undertaking that may be very exciting and stressful at the same time, particularly if a contractor is inexperienced, has poor planning, or builds poorly. A reputed and a professional contractor will ensure that the job is being executed professionally by any means.

It is suggested strongly that you should sign a contract with your contractor and ask questions about material, product warranties and his specific after sale service and warranties. If you are planning to get your entire premises renovated; better to plan well in time, get it designed and NEVER award the contract at once. You may award the contract initially for a small odd job like one washroom renovation, observe well and if satisfied you may award a full contract to him. This will save your time, money and surely your health also as far as earning a potential stress (in case the project is not done well) is concerned. Better to plan a few month well in advance.

It is also suggested to ask your contractor to show you the work done by his company and also request him to provide references of at least 3 satisfied customers.


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Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation can be worthwhile and fruitful experience but it is necessary to plan before execute. Here are some tips to make your home renovation experience more comprehensive and rewarding.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan! Set and create a plan that includes your requirement,budget, timeline and ideas. In this way you can save your money, time and any hustle. If you don’t have plan you will run into a lot of issues.

  •  It is important to know your end goal. End goals includes weather you are renovating your home for resales purpose or will you be staying for years to come?

  •  If you want to renovate your home cost- effectively, it is important to overview and set total expenditure.Keep your budget and stick to it.
  •  Hire a contractor. Unless you are experienced in home renovation, it is important to hire the best contractor to manage your project. Interview multiple contractors. Hassan and Hussain is one of the leading construction, renovation firm in Islamabad. We have 20 year experience in construction and renovation field with not only domestic clients but also with Embassies, Expats.
  • Prepare your home for renovation. This includes moving furniture, covering furniture and disconnecting utilities.
  •  Create a timeline. Be realistic about your timeline. It is important to know that your home renovation can take more time as expected as unforeseen conditions can occur.
  •  Do your research and market analysis wisely. Chat with your friends and family about the renovation work they have done.

  • Do a final inspection. Once your renovation is complete, do a thorough inspection to make sure that everything is up to your standards or not.

If you are planning to construct or renovate your home, get in-touched with us!